For those who have always dreamed of getting into the food business, it may be easier than you think… with the right team of people on your side. People used to think of food trucks as places to get greasy, untrustworthy foods that could give you the bellyache of your lifetime.

Concession trailers, also known as food trailers, are units that are not mobile in the same way that food trucks are. Concession trailers are moved by being towed behind a vehicle with a towing capacity strong enough to support the weight of the food trailer. (So be sure to check with your local vehicle dealer and ask the right questions regarding food trailer towing capacity.)

A food truck is a large motorized vehicle similar in shape and structure to your every day Post Office or FedEx van. 

Both of these mobile kitchens have interiors that are equipped with fully operational kitchens, which may include things like refrigerators, griddles, fryers, stoves, freezers, sinks, counters, etc.

What is the price difference between a food truck and a food trailer?

Food Trailers $36,000 vs. Food Trucks $39,000

Where’s the value?

It seems that food trailers and food trucks are closely priced, so what’s the difference? Well size, mostly.

A concession trailer with a 14-foot kitchen will be around $36,000.

Whereas, a food truck with a 14-foot kitchen will be around $49,000.

A food truck with an 11-foot kitchen will be around $39,000.

Another notable pricing difference for a food truck being more expensive than a food trailer is that a vehicle with an engine is generally always more expensive. However, the money you save on the food trailer, you still make up for because of the cost incurred purchasing the standalone vehicle that’s used to tow the trailer. The upside though, you have a vehicle that you can hitch and unhitch at your convenience, making it easier to move about the city.

Even though food trailers are technically smaller, some people describe them as feeling pretty roomy. Trailers are about 1-foot wider inside – so they can definitely feel more spacious. 

If there is a high demand for food trucks, and fewer are available on the market, that can also cause inflation in price. In which case, a trailer may be the way to go.

Both have fully operational kitchens, generators, sinks, counters, and other kitchen equipment. So it’s really up to you to decide what works best for your mobile restaurant project. 

Check out this video from our most recent food trailer project! 


(Please note: The food truck and food trailer prices listed are broad stroke estimations, and may vary for your specific food truck project.)

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