The food truck market has never been hotter! Whether you are building a new startup or expanding your brand beyond brick-and-mortar, we can help you present your brand, get in front of customers quicker, and do it for longer in the highest-quality custom food truck. We specialize in fully custom food trucks. You can depend on us for all of your custom food truck design requirements.

Our solutions include – low service counters, large kitchen working space, high-quality finishes that deliver flexibility and comfort for your team. Our custom food trucks seamlessly tailored to specific menus, whether Asian, Italian, BBQ, or Mexican-inspired.

However, the food truck business has continued to manifest resilience in the face of the uncertainties wrought by the pandemic. Futuristic operators are using technology to reach out to customers and driving their trucks to residential areas. So if you are planning to start a food truck business, you can build your food truck even as you watch out for the trends to keep in the note for in 2023.

Most businesses have seen a steep decline in their business since the pandemic struck in March, leading to loss of business. However, smart food truck business owners are taking benefits of their flexibility to change market, location, and menus. They have moved from office and financial district areas to streets, boroughs, and parks in residential areas. They aim to take the advantage of a large number of people doing work from home.

Food truck operators who want to expand have to source food sustainably and increase their organic options. They may also need to put a label that indicates most of the ingredients are sourced locally.

The proportion of revenue that food truck owners make from order ahead sales has increased to 50%. This has given the operators a chance to resume their business by prohibiting long lines and reducing foot traffic thereby maintaining social distancing rules. Operators will likely leverage technology to increase the volume of order ahead sales in 2023.

The increased use of digital ordering and online payment methods has led to the reduced use of cash in transactions. This increased adoption of technology minimizes contact and the risk of spreading the COVID-19 virus. Food truck business owners can take advantage of this technology by reducing waiting time and line. They are also increasing their visibility on different social media platforms. Many are also offering Wi-Fi services for customers to use while enjoying their food.

The pandemic has brought a steep decline in the restaurant industry. However, the social distancing rules or mandate closures have not stopped people from enjoying food outside. Rolling Kitchens is offering a great alternative to brick-and-mortar restaurants to reach out to customers who want outside catering near their homes. They come with the advantage of low overhead costs and high mobility.